Save PXM file as editable project with undo

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2019-02-16 07:58:33

Hi, When I save a project to come back to later, I just save it as a PXM file. Upon re-opening the file, everything is preserved as when I saved, but UNDO is not available. Is there a way to preserve UNDO information? .I'm no pro, so UNDO is an important component of editing!
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2019-02-16 08:16:34

The undo history isn't baked into the file, but you could switch up your workflow to work more nondestructively — say, if you're applying some effects/adjustments/transformations to a layer, you could duplicate it before making the edits and you'll have both an original and an edited version in your document. Of course, that requires planning ahead a little bit, but once you get into the habit, it shouldn't be too difficult.