How to create Andy Warhol "pop art" effect in Pixelmator?

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2018-12-16 22:06:17


Is anyone aware of a tutorial or filter for creating a pop art effect in Pixelmator? Plenty exist for Photoshop, but as I'm neither a Photoshop expert or a Pixelmator one I'm having trouble translating from one product to another.
The effect I'm trying to do is like this:
I found a couple posts talking about a pop art filter in Pixelmator, but my copy doesn't seem to have it. Maybe it was removed at some point?
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2020-08-31 11:38:35

Did you ever learn how to make Warholesque art in Pixelmator?
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2020-08-31 16:45:16

Hi there, I did not. I ended up taking a bunch of photos using Photo Booth's "Pop Art" filter, then compositing them in Pixelmator. Kind of clunky, but it worked for my purposes (creating a New Year's card for the family).

If you ever figure out how to do it, I'd sure appreciate you sharing what you learned.

Good luck!