Pixelmator doesn't work properly on macOS virtualization

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2018-05-28 06:23:43

Hi, is anyone using pixelmator on virtualize macOS? I'm using it and it does work well, i.e. The image doesn't display or load up on pixelmator, but through the layers I'm able to see the image snippet.
I've tried this across various macOS - el capitan, sierra and high sierra but to no avail.

Well OK I shouldn't be using a virtualized macOS to run pixelmator, but my macbook crashed last week and I'm waiting for a new refresh line of macbooks, hence in the interim I'm using my spare Windows machine.

Any help will be appreciated!
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2018-05-30 15:26:48

I'm afraid that's not entirely unexpected – Pixelmator relies on the GPU and the graphics drivers to function and the drivers in virtual OSes don't support many of the features that Pixelmator requires. Unfortunately, that's not really something we can fix ourselves, it's essentially a technical limitation.
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2018-05-31 02:02:57

Thanks Andrius, that make sense. Think I'll have a look around for an alternative on windows platform. I tried GIMP, but it wasn't so intuitive.