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2018-05-08 22:35:34


Looking for an image cataloging software that supports PXM or get Pixelmator to save TIFF layers.


I'm currently using Aperture and am doing additional editing in Pixelmator. My workflow is currently:

- Import RAW (CR2) into Aperture
- Initial edits (sharpen, levels, etc.) in Aperture
- Aperture creates an 8-bit TIFF and opens the TIFF in Pixelmator
- My Pixelmator edits always include layers.
- Save TIFF back to Aperture
- Select then export multiple files using presets.

This generally works ok, except Pixelmator doesn't save my layers to the TIFF. I get a flattened TIFF back in Aperture.

How can I update this workflow such that I'll get my Pixelmator layers saved into my cataloging software? I'm willing to replace Aperture if necessary, but it needs to be with software that will recognize .pxm files OR somehow get Pixelmator to save layers into a TIFF file.

Aperture can create a PSD when sending to Pixelmator, and Pixelmator will open/read the file, but hitting save brings up the save dialog rather than saving the PSD directly back to Aperture.

Thank you!
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2018-05-11 17:34:01

Hello 4nthony! If you want to save a psd file back to its original format without getting the question to save, please go to the Pixelmator preferences and deactivate "Open documents in Pixelmator file format" . Hope that helps
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2018-05-11 19:13:40

by Sebastiaan 2018-05-11 17:49:48 deactivate "Open documents in Pixelmator file format" . Hope that helps
Hi Sebastiaan, thanks for the reply. I checked my preferences and the option you mentioned is not selected.

It's interesting to note that when Aperture sends a PSD to Pixelmator, the image opens as being "edited" (in the title bar) and there's no file extension. I'm still prompted to save the image and PXM is the default, but the "Save copy as" drop menu defaults to PSD. The exact opposite happens when a TIFF is sent (unedited, has extension, no save dialog).


Even when I open a PSD directly from the file system, I get prompted to save. Maybe I'll try an uninstall/reinstall and see if anything changes.

Thank you!
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2018-05-11 21:25:24

Based on this thread (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12336) from 2015, the noted behavior is expected for PSD files:
This is actually expected behaviour. As PSD is Photoshop's file format, Pixelmator cannot open PSDs in their native file format. PSD files are always automatically converted to PXM.
Odd, considering I can "save as..." and overwrite the PSD.

Looks like I might just have to add a couple steps to my workflow (as did the OP in the above referenced topic).