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2017-12-20 18:51:12

Simple question from a real novice. Pixelmator converts my jpg into pxm file extension. No one can open my files after I modify an image. Can I save it or convert it back to jpg?
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2017-12-21 07:02:42

Hi! That's standard behavior for many apps with a native file format on macOS. Th thought is that for the best compatability and least loss of data, that apps always save to their native format by default. For Pixelmator this is the PXM format. For Pages this is the pages format. Pixelamtor does this because you might want to save your work with any layers in tact for later editing. If you are finished with your work you can off course use export or export for wev to save back to any other formt like jpg.

If you really disklike this approach then Pixelmator has an option for you in the Pixelamtor preferences. Simply deactivate the option "Open documents in Pixelmator file format". Hope that helps.