How to stop brush taper

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2021-01-11 18:43:33

Hi. I'm trying to use Pixelmator Pro for some line work, but I'm finding it really difficult. The main reason for this is the brushstroke always starts 'thin' and gradually gets thicker during the stroke, ignoring my pressure sensitivity settings. I would like a brush that allows me to start the stroke at a size that's reflective of how much pressure I'm putting onto the tablet, but I can't seem to adjust any of these settings.

Unfortunately without the ability to customise the brush taper for myself I'm not going to be able to use Pixelmator Pro for what I'm wanting to use it for. I read another thread where it was suggested that this was a bug. This was in July of 2020, and the brush taper is still there and I can't seem to switch it off.

Am I missing something?
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2021-01-13 15:21:41

Hey there Adam! I can't seem to find the thread you're referring to but what you're describing seems like an issue with the brush settings. Have you tried editing the pressure of the brush? You can visit this Pixelmator Pro user guide section here ... or-pro/781 to learn more about customizing your brushes. Also, is the brush you're using one of the default Pixelmator Pro brushes or a custom one you've installed yourself?