Can I buy Pixelmator Pro 2.03 in app store before I get my new computer?

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2020-12-28 02:30:43

I've got an old macbook pro running high sierra. I know 2.03 won't work on it, but would like to purchase 2.03 at sale price... If I buy it, do I have to download it or can it just sit in my app purchases till I get the new machine (in a month or so)?

I hate to purchase it, then be told it won't let me download it and evaporate.

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2021-01-05 10:52:26

Hi Scott, the sale is now over but, for future reference, your purchases are tied to your Apple ID, so if you can make the purchase on a different device while being signed in with your ID, the purchases will be downloadable on all your devices.