Will Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator Photo converge?

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2020-11-17 02:35:25

It seems Pixelmator 2.0 is bringing a lot of the same photo adjustments/tools that Pixelmator Photo offers. This is great as I’d love to have more of those features available on the Mac, however it also seems to be leading to a scenario in which there are two very similar photo editing apps available, but they can’t share the same library/edits. Is there any official word from the team on future plans regarding this? Will both apps eventually merge into one? Or at least converge toward a shared file/library format?
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2020-11-27 09:37:43

The apps will not merge into one – Pixelmator Pro 2.0 actually didn't bring any features from Pixelmator Photo, only some cosmetic things. We do plan to make Pixelmator Pro support Pixelmator Photo files but the photo editing workflow is always going to be quite different from the workflow of a layer-based image editor. Eventually, we'd like to bring Pixelmator Photo to macOS, though.