Photo application (or no) ?

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2020-08-19 18:58:00

Hello to everyone,

I'm a very beginner in Final Cut Pro X and I'm wondering this : I want to edit my photos before import them to FCPx.
Do I need an app like Photoshop Elements or I can do the same edit with FCPx or Motion? Also, can I placed it in one of my photo applicationб how to tell in this article
Thanks in advance.
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2020-08-21 12:39:06

Photoshop Elements? You can make certain color edits in those apps, but apps like Pixelmator Pro give you more control and more image-oriented workflow. What kind of edits would you be looking to make?
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2020-08-27 15:51:33

I am an émigré from Photoshop's licensing and had to find a replacement that could do a generous fraction of what PS can achieve. I immediately looked at PS Elements but found it too restricting and would not export CMYK, which is needed for print production. Then, after trying the rest, I bought Affinity Photo and Pixelmator Pro. I've been learning both side-by-side, when I have a photo to edit I'll do it in both packages, learning the process for each at the same time.

What I have found is that I go to Pixelmator first as it is fast, has a clean and easy to use interface and fulfills nearly all of my needs by point-and-clicking. I might add that it is better at optimising images and quicker to make cutouts than Photoshop. Affinity can also achieve the same results but is slower, far more complicated and the interface is a mess. Worse still, on my 5K iMac the icons are so tiny to be almost unusable.