Styling email notifications from the Pixelmator Community

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2020-08-09 08:29:01

Hi guys!
How about a little bit styling email body?

For example:
<title> Pixelmator Community - Thread reply notification - “Oversaturated RAW” </title>

Hi <username>,

You are receiving this notification because you are following the thread
“Oversaturated RAW” on the Pixelmator Community. </br>

This topic has received a reply by <Someone> since your last visit.
No more notifications will be sent until you visit the thread. </br>

If you want to view the newest post made since your last visit, click the following link:

If you no longer wish to follow this thread you can either click the “Following” button found at the top of the thread above,
or by clicking the following link:

Pixelmator Community


I think it’ll be more readable.
Ačiū už jūsų darbą!
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2020-08-11 12:35:12

Hey Vitas, thanks for the suggestion! I think phpBB is pretty limited in terms of the styling it allows but perhaps we can find a mod for it.
by Vitas 2020-08-09 08:29:01 Ačiū už jūsų darbą!