Difference between iOS Apps

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2020-08-02 13:05:09

Hi all, I’m new to the community and to Pixelmator altogether. I’m trying to work out the difference between the two iOS Apps, Pixelmator and Pixelmator Photo and which is going to work for me best.
I’m at the very beginner end of photography but have some experience using a Photoshop for image manipulation,filters, background replacement etc. I’m using an iPad Pro and looking to edit photos etc - can either do select & Mask for background replacement or would I need Pixelmator pro on the Mac?
Any advice would be hugely appreciated as I’m getting myself a little list in features
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2020-08-03 11:28:19

Hey there and welcome to the Pixelmator community! There's no feature comparison table of the iOS apps I could share with you at the moment (although, it's probably something for us to think about moving forward) but judging from how you typically edit your photos, the original Pixelmator for iOS is probably your best bet. It has some color adjustment tools, effects, retouch, and distort tools, you can also work with selections to extract objects from backgrounds (layer masks aren't supported yet), and do a whole lot more.