Cartoon Effect

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2020-07-16 14:37:16

I love this cartoon effect in Photoshop. Is there a tutorial anywhere that demonstrates this in Pixelmator?
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2020-07-17 12:44:07

Hi Eric, there isn't a tutorial for an effect like this and the key tool for it is probably the Oil Paint filter, for which we don't really have anything similar in Pixelmator Pro. We'll see what we can do, though!
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2020-11-24 13:59:41

+1 for a cartoon effect request!
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2021-01-08 04:39:12

Agreed. +1 for a cartoon effect. Even a Sketch effect would be a start.
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2021-01-28 10:25:25

Agreed. Sketch effect/cartoon effect would be a great addition.