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2020-07-15 20:19:20

After much research, I bought Pixelmator 3.9 Classic for Mac...macOS Catalina 10.15.5. I'm doing an ancestry photo project that requires a lot of spiffing up from scratches, spills, creases, and just plain old some back to the 1800's. I've watched the hour-long tutorial and other tutorials and, so far, have managed to get by until I tried testing out results on my brother. I scanned the photos years ago and burned them to disk in .jpg format.

I had Photoshop a long time ago, but never upgraded because I didn't need anything more than cropping and lightening. Now I do. I am not familiar with layering.

I first tried text, which added a layer, then converted to .jpg from .pxm. I did that because my sibs mostly have PC's and .jpg is universal. What happened to the photo when my brother opened the attached file was that he got a "batch" of photos, apparently in separate layers. I tried sending the same photo with .pmx, and he couldn't open it.

Am I sequencing this incorrectly somehow? I've tried different things, but can't get the results I need.

Tnx for any help!
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2020-07-16 07:02:12


I'm new to Pixelmator too, but when you converted to jpg, did you do it by exporting it? (File - Export) and then rename? That should save it without the layers.


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2020-11-26 17:16:34

Hi Jan.
You say you are not familiar with layers, so I will try to help.

Think of layers as separate sheets of transparency paper.

For example - you may have a bottom layer which has a photo of a beach. You could then add a layer / sheet on top which contains text. You might then add a 3rd layer / sheet on top of that which has a logo on it.

When you have finished editing your image, click on File > Export as jpg and the file should be a single layered image containing all 3 layers.

If your sibling received a file containing different images on different layers, it sounds like you sent him a .pxm file, as opposed to the jpg file?

If you need any more help regarding understanding layers, please do not hesitate to ask.