Is there an psd forma of this example for download please?

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2019-11-16 06:03:14


I am a newie of Pixemator pro. and I am really like to know whether there is a place to learn tutorial.

And I really want to know how to achieve this design on your official page, please check this screenshot:

I am also using Sketch and Hype, and there are lots of tutorials in their support system:

Really hope there is place to learn tutorials or sharing works.

Thanks, and have a nice day.

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2019-11-17 17:49:45

Hi Alex.

I don't know about the original .psd... er... .pxd of the image that you linked but, there are a few other questions that I think I can help with.

1. Learning tutorials. There are a load of Pixelmator Pro tutorials here:
2. Sharing work. There isn't a big culture of work-sharing in the official Pixelmator Community ( It does happen, though, particularly if you are looking for advice on how to do a specific effect or want feedback on something new that you are trying. There's also an unofficial Pixelmator discord here ( where there is a channel specifically for sharing thing that you have created. That doesn't see much traffic at the moment but, who knows, you might be the person to kick it back into life.
3. Recreating the image that you linked. Once you've got some confidence with Pixelmator Pro, you could have a go at recreating the shot without a tutorial. Many of the effects used are shown in the sidebar so you have a bit of a headstart. No source image so you'll have to find something similar to start but a good guide of what to do.
Hope this helps.

- Stef.
(not staff, just a chatty user).