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2019-11-03 18:03:58

I'd like to know if I can use Pixelmator for business use.

i.e. to make images that I then sell.

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2019-11-07 14:16:23

Yep, you can freely use the app and all its assets (shapes, brushes, etc) to create images for business (and pleasure) without any restrictions!
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2021-02-02 07:48:15

Pixelmator works very well because it's not Photoshop. It's very fairly priced and the developers are doing a good job of adding features incrementally. I used it for hobby-level stuff and for my personals business ( I quickly switched to it once Adobe revealed their monthly package of Photoshop+Lightroom and didn't look back.
It was like a revelation of what I could do the first day I used Photoshop. If all you do is simple image manipulation and some graphical design, it will work perfectly with Pixelmator. Go to Photoshop if you need to do anything more than that or want to go through it more than just a hobby.
Yep - this is the same reason I recommend people avoid GIMP if they are even slightly serious about photography or graphic design.