Newbie question - brushes and graphic tablets

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2019-03-03 12:34:09


I've recently bought a tablet (XP-Pen Star 03) and for some reason, quite a few of the brushes don't appear to work when using the tablet with Pixelmator (v 3.8.1). Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I feel a bit hamstrung as I don't want t keep swapping between keyboard and tablet when working.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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2019-03-03 14:49:39

found the pressure option foreach brush. I reduced this and the brush now works
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2020-01-23 00:38:52

Hi, I was about to reply to your first post when I saw your second. I have a 22" XP-Pen display tablet, and for whatever reason, Pixelmator (The first, not the pro) will not work with the pen. I can still move things around with the pen, but it will not draw anything. I've tried everything, including the pressure option.
I was wondering, were you using the original Pixelmator or the Pro version.
I talked with both people at Pixelmator and XP Pen regarding this, and both have said that the XP Pen will NOT work with original Pixelmator. Which is a shame, because I've used Pixelmator for years and I still really love it. Cheers!
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2020-11-10 09:20:21

So do you find that the XP Pen will work with Pixelmator Pro (Catalina)?