Reduce an image to a custom colour palette?

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2018-11-27 15:53:18

Hi, I've been searching around but I can't find a way to work this particular magic. I'm hoping someone can help?

I want to reduce the colours of existing images to a limited set of about 20 or so specific colours. It is not a professional colour palette that I can install into ColorSync, it's just one I have defined. Is there any way to do this? Thanks!
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2018-11-27 20:48:21

Hi Strangechilde.

I came up against this a while back. As it was a fairly simple (four colours, I think), I used a combination of Posterize, Selection, and Color Fill to get the effect. If it had been more complex, I would probably have looked at either writing something by hand using (because thet is fairly simple and handles bitmaps well) or using a cross-stitch app (because using a well-defined, limited colour pallette is basically what they do).

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-11-28 13:54:22

I know nothing about coding, so I think might be a little out of my league, but using a cross-stitch app is a genius suggestion. Thanks! I'll look into those!