pixelmator vs pixelmator pro

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2018-11-22 01:18:38

This comparison HAS to be here somewhere, but I'm not finding it.

I'm an avid Sketch user. I've always hated Phtotoshop. Now, I'm just looking for a way to cut-out photos like I used to do in Fireworks— just a simple marquee tool. I see that pixelmator has a great marquee tool, and pro has some cool machine learning selection tools. But does Pro have photo editing capabilities— or is Pro mostly a vector drawing tool? (similar to Sketch)

Being 100% new to learning about pixelmator, I'm just unsure which one to buy. (but yes, I'm sold so far)
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2018-11-22 01:22:39

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2018-11-23 01:17:09

I bought "Pro" and I already love it. Thanks!
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2018-11-23 08:39:35

Yay, somebody read the blog post and used it to make an informed decision! Glad to hear you're enjoying Pixelmator Pro, we're doing our best to squeeze in a couple of awesome updates before Christmas, so you also have that to look forward to.