is there a place for REAL novices? I just started and can't deselect a tool

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2018-07-06 21:21:41

I am using a MAC with the latest high sierra release and just started today using pixelmator. But when I accidentally select a tool, I can't get rid of it. I have tried right clicking, clicking on the tool again hoping a double click would work, but the tool still is on my screen. So where do I go to find out this really stupid start up question? I have looked at tutorials, they all talk about selecting tools, never unselecting them. Thanks a lot in advance
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2018-07-06 21:37:01

Hi joan.

Welcome to the Pixelmator community.

If I understand you correctly, to deselect a tool all you need to do is select a different tool.

If you've accidentally made a change to an image, undo is ⌘Z.

I hope I've understood you correctly. If not, feel free to try again.

- Stef.
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2018-07-07 00:25:30

Thanks so much, But what if I don’t want to select another tool, but just want to select a shape?
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2018-07-07 06:28:36

If you want to select a shape you have already drawn, switch to the Move tool (the one that looks like a mouse pointer) and click on the shape. You will then be able to move or edit the shape.
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2018-07-08 10:15:17

You and me both.
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2018-07-08 14:27:38

Hi joan, pws442.

I started answering joan's question straight away rather than pointing out other places where you can get help.

A good place to start is here (, where there are links to manuals, how-to videos and so on.

There's also this forum ( where both staff and users will do their best to help, as well as an unofficial user-driven forum here ( Lastly, there's a support email ( which is very good for logging bugs.

When using any of these, please bear in mind that Pixelmator currently make two* Mac products (Pixelmator** and Pixelmator Pro) as well as one* iOS app (Pixelmator for iOS). It's really useful to post in the right part of the forum to indicate which app you are using as the answer to your question will often depend on this.

Welcome to the Pixelmator community.

- Stef.
(overly chatty Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro user.)

*there may be more, but these are the ones I'm aware of.
**often called Classic Pixelmator or Original Pixelmator to differentiate it from its sibling.