Forum bug: Bolding/Italicising/etc. the wrong word

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2018-03-04 17:43:58

I came across this forum bug while posting a bug for Pixelmator Pro.

If you have more than one occurrence of a word (let's use the word Pixelmator), and you highlight the second instance of that word then click on the Bold button, the first instance is tagged as bold, not the second.

Trying that now:
Highlighting the second instance of the word 'Pixelmator':
Clicking 'Bold':
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2018-03-05 15:40:00

Good catch, the code was definitely meant to take any instances of the same word into account, but it looks like something was going wrong. We've pushed out a fix, though, so this should now be working!
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2018-03-05 15:40:33

P.S. You might have to empty your caches for the changes to take effect.
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2018-03-05 19:47:30

First word.
Second word.
That works.
Thanks for the fix.