Guides : Drag To Dismiss (along axis)

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2020-12-12 19:12:15

When dragging a guide to dismiss it by pulling it away from the canvass (the cursor turning into a puff of smoke to signify this +sfx) the guide will remain visually on the canvass at the point of which the cursor was let go of, if the dragging motion was along the same axis as the line i.e. not dragged off of the canvass, rather the mouse was instead. However, the guide has been removed and all that is required to confirm this is to scroll the image; as it refreshed the contents of the canvas with no guide.

1. In a new/existing graphic file drag a new guide onto any point on the canvas
2. Grab and hold the guide with the mouse cursor (which will turn into a hand, then a fist)
3. Rather than drag the guide away perpendicular to it (e.g. left/right for a vertical guide), run the mouse cursor (fist) along the same axis as the guide i.e. up/down for a vertical guide, so the "poof" animation occurs.
4. The guide will persist visually (at the point of which the mouse button was released)
5. Scroll the graphic to refresh the canvas and it will disappear.

pixelmator : v3.8.6 Phoenix (90912.1748)
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2020-12-18 16:44:59

Reproduced, thanks for reporting the issue!