Palette windows no longer remember position on 2nd monitor

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2020-09-25 14:27:36

With 3.9 (classic), I've noticed that palettes no longer remember their positions on a 2nd monitor.

Workflow: I use the 1st monitor as a canvas and keep three or four palettes open and ready for instant access on a 2nd monitor. However, I will often close palettes on the 2nd monitor if I need to open up and enlarge a 2nd image for side-by-side comparisons or whatnot. When I go to reopen my palettes, they reappear on the 1st monitor and I have to drag and reposition them on the 2nd monitor. Every. time. This was not the case with earlier version of Pixelmator - opening a palette always reverted to it's last known position, no matter which monitor it was on.

I hope this bug can be fixed in a future maintenance update.