Pixelmator opens, but all windows are invisible

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2020-07-16 04:03:53

Hello, I sent an email to support@pixelmator.com yesterday, but I am working on an urgent project and need a response as soon as possible, so hopefully posting here will help get some eyes on it sooner. I will copy and paste the text of my email below.


I wanted to hopefully get some help problem-solving this Pixelmator bug. I am running the most current version of Pixelmator (can’t see which version because the “about” window is white and doesn’t show text, but there are no updates available in the App store). I am using a 2013 MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.5. A couple days ago I noticed the effects tab wasn’t showing, even when I clicked show/hide, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the screen. Well today I really needed an effect for my project, and so I did some google searching and one person online suggested to:

..."press the Shift-Command-R keyboard shortcut in Pixelmator, then try to show/hide the Effects browser? That shortcut resets all the palettes to their default positions, so it might help.”

I tried this shortcut and then ALL the Pixelmator windows disappeared. When I start Pixelmator, I get a transparent window (I attached this as a screenshot). When I try to open a recent project using the nav bar, the transparent window disappears and then nothing is on the screen, but the top nav bar still says Pixelmator is open. I’ve tried quitting/restarting Pixelmator as well as my computer, but nothing is working.

I hope you can help! Thank you so much,


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2020-07-16 07:38:47

Hey Rachel,

Resetting Pixelmator to default should help with this. Here's how it works:

https://pixelmator.freshdesk.com/suppor ... pixelmator