Can't resize textbox, just rotate

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2020-05-21 09:08:33

Pixelmator 3.9 Classic, all of a sudden it's impossible to edit the size of textboxes. If I try to resize it with the right/left handles, the rotate cursor appears (without me pressing CMD nor any other function keys) and the only thing I can do is rotate it.

EDIT: It seems like Pixelmator seems to think the cmd key is pressed, as I can't type "U" either (it just toggles on/off the Underline option). It's not a keyboard problem, as everything else on macOS works as expected and not as if the cmd key were pressed.

EDIT 2: Weirdly only some things behave as if the cmd key were pressed inside pixelmator. Writing "U" inside a textbox toggles the underline option, but writing "Q" doesn't quit the application for example.
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2020-05-21 15:29:20

Hi there, could you try restarting your Mac to see whether that will help? This old-school fix still does the trick sometimes! If it doesn't, could you reset Pixelmator completely using the instructions here: ... pixelmator

And let me know if it helps?