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2020-04-30 02:08:20

Pixelmator Classic 3.9 FREEZES After EVERY Download

NEVER fails -- every time I copy an image off internet/web page and do a "Save as" in Pixelmator, it allows me to save the image ONLY as a Pixelmator image, and then it FREEZES. I then have to go into another program, select "Force Quit," turn off Pixelmator and then turn it on again. Then it works fine until the next time I have to copy & download an image.

This has happened literally HUNDREDS OF TIMES, and I must confess I am kind of amazed that on the one hand Pixelmator is capable of creating what is for the most part a very robust, reasonably priced image editing program, yet (judging from the plethora of other crash/freeze-related posts) it somehow still hasn't figured out how to keep its flagship product from constantly self-destructing.

Might be time to hire a few more hands in the QC department...?
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2020-04-30 12:38:09

Hi New Dayve, I'm sorry to report that I was unable to make the latest version of Pixelmator stop responding using those steps, so it looks like there might be something else contributing to this issue. Would you be able to email us at about it? We'll need a few more details about your Mac and some technical reports to see what exactly is causing this.
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2020-05-02 04:52:30

I also get freezes of the app quite frequently, just in routine use. It used to be steady and rarely to never freeze, but somewhere since OS update to Mohave (or maybe the prior OS?), it's now a routine Force-Quit to do the simplest thing.

Just today, opened a jpg file, moderate size 5300x, and exported it. Came back to try to resize it, and non-responsive app.
OS 10.14.6, MBP 2018, 2.6 gHz i7 processor, 16 gb RAM, and plenty of free disk space. Really disheartened by this change.
PM: Version 3.9 Classic (91112.1319)
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2020-05-04 14:37:24

Hey there, needless to say, you shouldn't be seeing these issues! If you haven't yet, could you email us about this at