Pixelmator V3.9 Blue Tint Bug

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2020-02-05 19:51:27

Hi, since v3.8.6 Pixelmator has been adding a faint blue tint to some of my images when I close them out. This bug seems to happen randomly as I save an image after editing in Pixelmator and I can only find out if the blue tint is applied to it when I open it next time. For black/white images I've been using the hue tool from color adjustments to remove the blue tint, but for colored images it's very difficult to change back to its original color. Sometimes I need to repeat this process a few times to save the image correctly since this bug happens randomly. I reached out to the support team in November last year and was told they were able to reproduce the issue and would work on fixing it. But there still hasn't been a fix and this blue tint is driving me nuts! Has anyone else had this issue?
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2020-02-06 15:49:21

This appears to be quite a complex/multifaceted issue (and has an element of randomness...), so a fix is taking longer than we'd like but it's something we do plan to address. For now, exporting to PNG/TIFF might be an OK workaround in certain situations.

Apologies for the inconvenience — we'll do our best to get to the bottom of this!

P.S. It also looks like this issue isn't confined to just Pixelmator, at least as far as we can see...
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2020-02-07 18:27:59

Hi Andrius, thanks for your reply and an update on the progress. Hope it'll be fixed soon.