so basic. why can't i enter any text?

Is something not working like it should? Let us know.
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2019-01-21 17:55:37

i've used pixelmator on on again off again basis for number of years, 99% of time to make posters for my band's gigs. always been reasonably efficient, for a know nothing. but i just tried, having been trying the last couple days, and for some reason, this time i simply can't enter any text. i create new text layer, text box comes up, as usual, but when i type in text, nothing happens. i can see the cursor. i can highlight the text. but text just will not be entered. what is going on? what am i doing wrong? a video tutorial won't help (i don't think), this is too basic. i'm using macOS mojave 10.14.2 and pix 3.7 mount whitney. i just created a poster back in october or so and i could enter text then, so this is probably my first time using pix since that last time in october or whenever it was. i'm using wireless mac mouse, can't remember it's name, it's pretty new, super mouse or something like that? is there some setting in my mouse? is there some setting in mac preferences that's causing this problem? or some setting in pix? any help you can give me would be appreciated. i really would like to be able to use pixelmator even if it's only in the limited capacity i do. also, since i'm here, i guess i might as well ask if anyone knows where i can get any templates for band/gig posters? i really am not good at this graphic design, have to reinvent the wheel every time, infrequent, my band gets a gig and i have to make a poster. so finding some band/gig/performance poster templates that would get me started would be very helpful. thanks.
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2019-01-22 08:39:12

Hey Stew, this was an issue with Pixelmator but was fixed around half a year ago — I can see your version of Pixelmator is from around that time. Could you update to 3.8.1, the latest version, and let me know if that helps?
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2019-01-22 14:36:27

ok. great. will try that when i get home tonight. thanks!
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2019-01-23 01:29:35

i'm at home now. i can't seem to figure out how to update w/o paying $29.99. what am i missing? or is that what you're saying (that i have to buy the latest release for $29.99)?

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2019-01-23 01:36:34

i have been looking around, trying to figure it out, went to app store, tried to "update" got a message saying "update unavailable
with this apple ID...this update is not available for this apple id either b/c it was bought by a diff user or the item was refunded or cancelled...ok." i get this message occasionally. i've called apple. i thought it was fixed. but in any case, i don't understand b/c i'm pretty sure i've only had one apple id and i never cancelled or had refund for pixelmator. what do you suggest now? thanks.
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2019-01-23 08:48:56

Drop us an email at and we'll take it from there.
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2019-01-23 16:49:37

Done: sent you an e-mail. Thanks