The Pixelmator Web Colors tab in the Colors window

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2018-06-19 07:45:39

In the latest Pixelmator update, 3.7.1, the Web Colors tab has disappeared from the Colors window due to sandboxing issues. Apparently, it should've stopped working quite a while ago, but it somehow managed to keep going until now. That tab lets you enter hex color codes but there's actually another place you can do that in the Colors window — in the second, Color Sliders tab, with RGB sliders selected, so it doesn't add any additional functionality anymore. However, since many of you like it, we can make the Web Colors tab available as a kind of 'app' on its own. Here's a simple installer that will add it to the Colors window system-wide:

Download Installer

And if you ever want to remove it, here's an uninstaller:

Download Uninstaller

Let us know if you have any feedback or bump into any issues!

EDIT: The Web Colors tab is now back in Pixelmator in the latest versions, but you can still use this installer to install it in Pixelmator Pro (and system-wide).
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2018-12-10 08:57:03

Thank you, I really needed it. It is a lot more comfortable for me to use this way!