Accurate brush export to Pixelmator Pro

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2019-11-25 00:40:10

I purchased Pixelmator Pro because it has substantially better support for newer Apple graphic technologies. I have brushes that I have setup in Pixelmator. I have been trying for days now to recreate some of the Pixelmator brushes in Pixelmator Pro and it has proven impossible.

I tried dragging some Pixelmator brushes to my Desktop and dragging them onto Pixelmator Pro but this fails to create a brush that works the same. For instance, I'm using my iPad Pro in Sidecar mode for Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro. With my brushes in Pixelmator the pressure of the brush is able to begin thick immediately if my pressure is used. When I bring this identical brush imported into Pixelmator Pro, no amount of pressure adjusting with this brush allows strokes to begin thick, only after significant brushing on the page will the stroke eventually thicken up.

I need the stroke to begin thick when the pressure calls for it and I am only able to get brushes to work this way with Pixelmator brushes.

I would like an accurate Pixelmator-to-Pixelmator Pro brush export.
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2019-11-25 14:10:25

Hi there, would you be able to share an example brush preset with us? It would be great if you could upload it to http://upload.pixelmatorcom, then copy and paste the link you get here, so I could take a look at the brush preset. A few screenshots of the results you're getting in both apps would also be much appreciated!
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2019-11-27 02:07:06

This is an example brush I've been using in Pixelmator.
I imported it into Pixelmator Pro and it does not work the same. Likewise, I cannot find an adjustment option in Pixelmator Pro to make it behave the same.
This .jpg has on the left my use of the brush in Pixelmator. Notice how the stroke can begin thick or thin, and end thin or thick depending on pressure.
The middle is the the brush immediately used upon importing into Pixelmator Pro. I opened the file and began using the brush. There is zero pressure sensitivity. Indeed it imports with 0% Size by Pressure.
The right is the brush after changing the Size by Pressure to 60%. I can never get a stroke to begin thick no matter how hard I press. Brushes always begin thin no matter the pressure I use and then progress to thick. My desire is to have brush strokes begin think if my pressure calls for it Image
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2020-05-17 20:02:40

Is this a matter of Pixelmator Pro being incapable of the having brush pressure work the same as Pixelmator? Because I have never yet found a way with Pixelmator Pro for brush pressure to begin immediately like Pixelmator still does. In my images above I'm drawing left to right. Pixelmator Pro to this day I cannot get to draw like the sketches on the left.
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2020-05-18 13:19:47

Apologies for the delay, this looks to be a bug, more than anything else! I also replied to your thread in the Pixelmator Pro forum with a few more details