Rename layer on creation?

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2019-02-13 18:52:32

Why, when creating a new layer, is the user not immediately given the opportunity to rename it from the default name?

When creating folders in macOS the folder's name is highlighted and ready for editing.

Perhaps you could employ machine learning to default to expected behaviour outside of a graphic design app, then monitor what a user does to see if they skip the renaming option, or prefer to rename, and vice-versa?
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2019-02-22 16:02:56

Often, when creating empty new layers, people immediately want to start editing and don't care all that much about the name. In those cases, they use keyboard shortcuts to choose tools to use on those layers. An active text field would get in the way of that and I'd hazard a guess that this is the more common workflow. As for using machine learning in some way to guess what a user might want to do — that's an interesting idea but training and integrating a separate ML model is a serious undertaking and this seems like too trivial a feature to deserve such significant development resources, to be honest...