Multiple renaming of Layers with appended computer values

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2019-01-29 00:39:48

Renaming multiple selected files in macOS en-masse is a common feature, so why not apply it to Layers. Taking the feature a step further to be more useful so that the final character typed (if a number or a letter of the Roman alphabet) be applied sequentially to all subsequent layers would be a big time saver.

Would it be a step too far if when a layer was deleted the numbers on subsequent layers repopulate to maintain continuity?

The idea would be similar as with raw values set to an enumeration, the initial inferred number would count onward from that point and be applied to each case:

"Horse Riding Award: 6"
"Horse Riding Award: 7"
"Horse Riding Award: 8"
"Horse Riding Award: 9"


"LP Record collection: A"
"LP Record collection: B"
"LP Record collection: C"
"LP Record collection: D"

All the user would have to do is make sure that the final character was a letter or a number (case sensitive) and the subsequent selected layers would automatically ascend in sequence from the number/letter.

It would also be useful to see a live preview of this on each of the layers in real time as typed.

Name Mangler is a good place to see a demo of this: