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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator?
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2019-01-24 19:41:05

I love Pixelmator (along with it's floating palettes for dual monitors). Until Pixelmator Pro includes ALL features from Pixelmator, I request continued, even if limited, support for the long-term. I'd certainly be willing to pay a modest fee for the occasional upgrade, should you be able to convince Apple to allow such in the App Store.

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2020-02-11 13:24:53

Just wanted to pop in (one year later!) and say "thanks" to the team for continuing to support the original Pixelmator! (Dual-monitor support is critical to my workflow.)

Thanks again! And cheers!

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2020-02-11 13:40:56

That's very kind of you! It certainly isn't easy for us to fully retire the original Pixelmator when we know many people continue to love and use it and we know there are certain things about Pixelmator Pro that mean you don't want to switch to it just yet. The lack of detachable UI elements is a known drawback for dual-monitor users and we'll do our best to think of something with future UI improvements.