scale object on a single axis

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2018-06-27 21:29:10

I used to be able to scale an object larger or smaller horizontally or vertically or both. Now I can't figure out how to only resize one axis of an object and it's cramping my style!
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2018-06-28 06:15:44

(edit) I was writing about Pixelmator Pro. Text and image deleted.

If you're using Classic Pixelmator, I can't think what's going on. You can constrain proportions by holding the shift key when you are resizing. I can't think of a way of locking Pixelmator to that behaviour (and I think you'd notice pretty quickly if your shift key was stuck down).

In case you're posting about Pixelmator Pro in the Classic Pixelmator part of the forums, you can lock x and y resizing by clicking on the Constrain proportions checkbox in the tools panel of the Arrange tool. To turn it off, make sure that the Arrange tool is selected and uncheck the Constrain proportions checkbox.
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2018-11-25 21:00:06

Pixelmator Pro:
This is not working for me. I want to resize 3 layers that are grouped. I select the arrange tool (arrow) and click-drag the small white square in the middle top of the image. I want to drag it down so the image is smaller vertically only, but the image resizes the horizontal length as well, which I don't want. I turned off the constrain proportions checkbox, but it makes no difference.
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2018-11-26 08:39:35

It currently isn't possible to resize layer groups without constraining their proportions due to some issues with the nondestructive aspect of layer resizing (if you were to free transform a group that contains a rotated layer, that layer would end up skewing incorrectly). For now, one potential workaround is to flatten the group layer or resize layers individually. We plan to add a slightly more destructive transform command that would rasterize image layers when transforming (like in the original Pixelmator), which should solve this issue. We're actually working on this at the moment, but it may not be shipped before Christmas.