Layer locking

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2018-05-18 16:44:56

There's a UI inconsistency in the layer manager. I need to use a menu item to lock a layer which exposes a status icon of a padlock, but can unlock by double-clicking on the padlock itself. One should be able to lock a layer a double click as well. A ghosted open-padlock should be on the layer's view cell so going to a menu is unneeded.
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2018-05-20 15:11:29

One can also lock and unlock by ctr+clicking on the layer, but yes there seems to have slipped in a design inconsistency, probably there was a previous design where the lock was always visible on a layer in a locked and unlocked state and one would double-click on the lock to either lock or unlock the layer. Thanks for bringing this to the team's attention.
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2018-05-21 15:12:29

This is more or less how things work in Pixelmator Pro (a lock icon appears when hovering over layer which you can click to lock and unlock) — I'm not sure if we'll be able to add this to the original Pixelmator, but I'll add it to the feature request list.