Missing Essential Features

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator?
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2017-12-06 07:35:53

I've been using the trial for the past day and have found a bunch of essential features missing that are preventing me from switching from Photoshop.

- Export a path or shape to .svg

- Make a color selection on every instance of a color (not just the ones touching the initial point) e.g like photoshop’s Select > Color Range...

- Clipping Mask
- Adjustment layers? e.g so I can apply an effect to all the layer below

- More advanced perspective warp,similar to photoshop’s perspective warp.
- Facial detection aware warping, similar to photoshop’s liquify face aware.

I'm probabaly missing a bunch but those are the things I noticed when trying to switch.
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2017-12-06 10:55:34

I just received a response from Andrius. Nearly everything I've mentioning here is planned for a future update!
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2017-12-26 19:17:52

Clipping mask is definitely the feature I'm missing the most. Is it coming anytime soon?