Can't scroll past the edges of an image

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2017-01-30 19:55:27

Hello Pixelmator Team,

First, let me say I love your App.
Have been using it a while now.

As I see though, there is still the bug, where you can't scroll past the edges of the image.
When trying to select the outer pixels, that becomes a painful task.
(clicking outside of window -> loses focus, resizing window instead of image)

Thanks for reading
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2017-02-13 06:34:47

Hi Shinkiro1,

This isn't actually a bug, this feature is just not currently present in Pixelmator. It's still on the list, though, along with your voice.
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2018-03-11 21:45:53

Been a year and almost 7 years that users like me have been asking for it
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2019-02-18 14:51:46

Isn't this now possible in the Pro version?
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2019-02-19 09:03:52

It is indeed! By the way, if you or anyone else want to try it out, you can grab a free trial of the app here: