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2021-09-23 03:15:45

I scanned a painting at a shop because it is larger than my scan bed. Not by much but some of the edges get cut off. So I had it scanned on a larger scanner. I asked for 600 DPI as my resolution and then I erased the signature on the painting because it would have shown up backwards as I planned to flip the image horizontally. I erased the signature- that worked well but when I flipped the picture and checked the resolution of the picture it was only 72 DPI. I would like to put this on a grave marker and that is why I need the resolution. How can I flip the picture without changing the DPI ?
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2021-10-11 09:18:39

Hey Brian. Sorry for the late reply! I believe you wrote to us about this directly but for anyone else having similar issues, you can check whether you have the correct resolution set before export in the Image Size settings (Image > Image Size).
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2021-10-11 14:28:35

Thank you, I also discovered when it was sent in GMail it lowered the resolution to 300 DPI. A Google Drive link would have been a better way to send the file.