Crop a custom shape?

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2021-03-15 20:54:57


I chose a square with rounded corners and dragged the corners to add more roundedness but I cant crop away around those corners it still reverts to a square, how do I do that?


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2021-03-17 09:59:34

Hi! You can use the selection tools for this. Use any of the selection tools to select the shape first, then invert the selection (Edit > Invert Selection) and clear it (Edit > Clear). Keep in mind that if you're cropping the layer below your shape, that layer must be selected when clearing the selection. Clipping Masks might also be an option here, depending on your workflow.
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2021-03-17 11:53:56

Thanks - do the selection tools snap to the borders of a shape when they are curved?
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2021-03-17 13:29:39

The Magnetic Selection tool will snap to the edges but using the Quick Selection tool to simply paint on the shape to select it would probably be even quicker.