Problems with pxd file

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2020-08-11 06:59:26


I was using Pixelmator Pro before changing macOs. Right now i have MacOS Sierra ver 10.12.06 and i can’t open Pixelmator Pro. All my files are in pxd and i can’t open them on Pixelmator (older version). How can i open these files? And save in jpg?

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2020-08-11 12:40:58

Hi Milena, the original Pixelmator doesn't support files from Pixelmator Pro due to all the additional features those files can have, so there is no way to open them on macOS Sierra, unfortunately. If you're willing, you can share the files with me via email (at and I can export them to JPEG for you (or PSD, if you'd like to keep the layers separate). Otherwise, I'm afraid there's no other way for you to open them on macOS Sierra...