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2019-07-15 21:21:14

Sometimes I'm able to turn my project into a stationary pad and others the option is just greyed out. Sometimes I can get the option enabled by turning on layers, but I haven't yet figured out exactly what causes the option to get greyed out.

Does anyone know?
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2019-07-17 12:30:05

Hey Steve, although I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'stationery pad', I have a feeling you're looking to start with a completely empty Pixelmator document that looks like a checkerboard rather than a completely white background? If so, you can:

– Create a file, then choose Edit > Select All, Edit > Clear, then Edit > Deselect All.

Or, you can:

– Open Pixelmator preferences and where it says New Image Contents, choose Transparent. Then, when you create a new image, it will be completely empty by default.

Hope that helps!
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2019-07-17 19:02:59

I was referring to the Macs ability to turn a document into a stationary pad, so it creates a duplicate instead of opening it, thereby ensuring the original remains the same. You can turn a document into a stationary pad from the get info window (using ⌘ and i with a selected document).

Some documents are fine, others the option is greyed out.

These are the same document other than one has some layers switched on that the other doesn't. Note also that not only is one unable to be made into a stationary pad, but the one that can't has much more information associated with it.

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2019-07-18 11:28:52

Oh wow, I was completely wrong! An interesting feature for sure, though as it's a macOS feature (and not a Pixelmator one), it probably is determined in some way by macOS. I can see certain Pages, Keynote files also have this option dimmed in the Finder though I have no idea why. I can also see there have been a few different times that this question has been asked in the Apple support communities and wasn't answered. Weird...