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2019-05-11 19:59:23


I am a beginner in the photo editing world.

I have a question, when I create a new level from selection, the selection sketch still remain on the picture and if I export the picture in jpg for example, the sketch is exported too. Why? How I can remove it?

Thank-you very much for the help

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2019-05-12 00:45:13

Hi pixelfra.
There could be several causes of a line like this. My gut feel is that you have inadvertantly added a style with an outline to one of the layers. To check if this has happened, toggle the visibility of each layer using the check-marks in the layers palette until you have found the one with the outline. Then select this layer in the layers palette and show the layer styles (⌘7). Switch the stroke to 'None' and the line will disappear.
Of course it could be something else but toggling the visibility of the layers shoulf help narrow down the problem. Please post back with more info if you've been unable to sort it. Screenshots showing the layers palette are always useful.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
P.S. I've written this assuming that you're using Pixelmator for Mac. If you're using a different Pixelmator app then that would be good to know.
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2019-05-13 07:47:55

Hey there, that isn't quite a selection outline. As far as I can see, you've cut out one object from an image an pasted it as a new layer. You've probably used either the Quick Selection tool or the Lasso tool, and with these tools, the edges of the selection are smoothed out by default. This is done in order to make the pasted object blend in better with any new surroundings.

Smoothing out, in this case, means the edges are made slightly transparent. When you cut out the object, its edges are slightly see-through, and the edges of the selected area in the original image are also slightly see-through. However, two slightly see-through edges don't make one completely opaque edge, which is why you get this area of transparency around the selection.

For that reason, instead of using Edit > Cut and Edit > Paste, you should use Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste. That way, there won't be a hole in the original image and your pasted object won't have this halo around it.
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2019-05-13 18:14:34

Dear Stef and dear Andrius, thank-you for your replies. Yes I am using Pixelmator for Mac and sorry if I wasn't exhaustive on my description.

Andrius, you exactly described the step I did, I used Cut and Paste in a new level. I just tried Copy in a new level and it perfectly works.

Thank-you very much!
Have a nice day
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2019-05-14 14:27:54

Glad to hear I could help!