How to remove a color from the swatch pallets

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2019-03-24 10:27:02

Hello Community,

Can anyone advise me how to remove a color from the small swatch pallete?

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2019-03-24 12:16:26

Drag it onto the trash can. Simples.

Oh noes. I just said 'simples'. [memes self to death].
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2019-03-24 12:30:22

Do you mean the OS X trash can/recycle bin?
I don’t remember seeing a trash can icon anywhere in the app.. AFK ATM.
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2019-03-24 12:38:39

by shaun 2019-03-24 11:31:22 Do you mean the OS X trash can/recycle bin?
If you mean the small swatch at the bottom of the Apple Color Picker.

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2019-03-24 12:41:21

Yes that’s the one. Thanks for the reply. I’ll be glad to be able to clean up my pallete finally!
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2020-06-05 08:51:03

Sorry to be a pain but the screenshot does not show a trashcan. Where would I find a trashcan ?
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2020-06-15 08:48:02

Hey, Keesha. It's the Trash in the Dock where anything you delete on your Mac goes.