File extension not added to file name?

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2018-11-16 13:49:17

Hi, might be a stupid question but when I save a file, say a jpg - it doesn't show the file extension by default which means I can't easily tell which of my images are what format. On my desktop It will be called (for example) 'image' instead of 'image.jpg' - can I turn this on somewhere so it displays the file extension in Finder?

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2018-11-20 19:05:46

This should be easy to solve using the finder preferences.

1) Open a finder window

2) Go to Finder > Preferences

3) Under advanced - Select "Show all filename extensions"

Hope that helps.
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2018-11-20 23:38:03

Thanks for the reply but that turns on every single extension in the whole OS which is a bit odd in places. When I save in PS it will say image.jpg but in PM it just says image and no extension. I don't know why it does this.