Pixelmator 3.7.6 ???

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2018-11-07 00:39:18

I was doing a search and came across "Pixelmator 3.7.6 free download for Mac | MacUpdate
I never got this update from the app store.
Does anyone know why?
Thank you.
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2018-11-07 09:27:48

Your Mac: 3.7.5
My Mac: 3.7.5
Mac App Store: 3.7.5
Pixelmator website: 3.7.5
MacUpdate website: 3.7.6

It might be an update that has been withdrawn, but my guess is that it's a typo on macupdate.com.

(edit: the date on macupdate.com is 29 Oct which doesn't fit with the release of 3.7.5 so maybe they have early access or it's a release that was pulled due to problems.) 🤔
(edit2: I downloaded Pixelmator from macupdate.com and the app package identifies as 3.7.6. There's no way I'm going to trust that enough to install it, though.)
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2018-11-07 17:14:34

I agree. Maybe someone from Pixelmator can tell us what is going on. I wrote to support I will post their answer here when I receive one.
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2018-11-09 17:16:35

OK here's what I got back:
The free trial 3.7.6 is available to download right here: https://www.pixelmator.com/mac/free-trial/
The top section of the page normally indicates the latest versions of our products available to purchase on the Mac App Store and for Pixelmator, it is still 3.7.5. Although we’ve updated the trial, we though it might be a little confusing to indicate 3.7.6 as the latest Pixelmator version, as it hasn’t been approved by the App Store yet. We’ll make sure to update the page as soon as the official update rolls out.

And that's what I got from a few emails back and forth with support.
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2018-11-13 09:17:39

We sometimes roll out smaller changes in the free trial just to see how things go and, naturally, we bump up the version. So I guess places like MacUpdate are tracking the trial version either manually or automatically. I wouldn't pay too much attention to that, though. As long as you have the latest version as indicated on our official App Store page and website, you're up to date.
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2018-11-13 13:32:31

Thank you for the enlightenment.