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2018-11-05 08:45:59

Is there a way that I can save the position of pallets in my workspace?

Every time I open the software, my tools have moved from the layout that I like to have on my screen
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2018-11-05 12:20:01

Generally, they should stay in the same place — are you using a dual-monitor setup and are you placing the palettes on the secondary monitor, by any chance?
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2018-11-05 22:49:47

Yes! Secondary monitor running from macbook with the app positioned on #2 screen
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2018-11-06 09:03:44

Yeah, in that case, this is a known issue/intended functionality. Basically, when we had implemented this feature, there were quite a few issues with disappearing palettes (when people would swtich between working with and without a secondary monitors) and the overall experience wasn't great so now, positions are remembered on the primary monitor, but reset if the app is closed with them on a secondary monitor, if I remember correctly. While it may not be the best option, if you switch around your workflow by placing the palettes on the primary monitor and your document window on the secondary one, you might have a slightly smoother experience.