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2018-11-05 08:45:59

Is there a way that I can save the position of pallets in my workspace?

Every time I open the software, my tools have moved from the layout that I like to have on my screen
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2018-11-05 12:20:01

Generally, they should stay in the same place — are you using a dual-monitor setup and are you placing the palettes on the secondary monitor, by any chance?
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2018-11-05 22:49:47

Yes! Secondary monitor running from macbook with the app positioned on #2 screen
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2018-11-06 09:03:44

Yeah, in that case, this is a known issue/intended functionality. Basically, when we had implemented this feature, there were quite a few issues with disappearing palettes (when people would swtich between working with and without a secondary monitors) and the overall experience wasn't great so now, positions are remembered on the primary monitor, but reset if the app is closed with them on a secondary monitor, if I remember correctly. While it may not be the best option, if you switch around your workflow by placing the palettes on the primary monitor and your document window on the secondary one, you might have a slightly smoother experience.
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2019-01-17 21:05:40

I like to spread myself over different Spaces in macOS, and while v3.8.1 Phoenix (81213.1625) doesn't have an issue with remembering window positions, it doesn't respect the different Spaces they originally were spread out over after reopening the app - opening all previous windows, in place, but only in one single Space.
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2019-01-18 15:33:59

The main reason for this is because opening everything in different spaces (or different displays) resulted in two pretty big issues mentioned above — disappearing palettes and confusion if people accidentally moved something over to a different space/screen and forgot after closing and reopening. So that's why everything is returned to the main screen/space.

If you want to quickly place a palette or window in the exact same location of a different space, you can click and hold the palette/window with your mouse/trackpad and then press the Control-arrow keyboard shortcut to switch to a different space. That's a tricky combination (I use my right-hand thumb for the trackpad, then any of the fingers on my left hand for the Control key and my right-hand pinky for the arrow ). But if it's something that would work for you, you could change the shortcuts for Move right/left a space to something reachable with one hand and this would become far easier.
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2019-01-19 00:27:06

Thanks for the info.

I find that a trackpad makes the task easy, but then again I am used to working in Spaces.

I think that everything should be resurrected as it was left. People get confused about anything when you hold their hand. If a user doesn't use the feature then they won't miss it, but if they do then Pixelmator should respect that and place everything back from were it found it.

Perhaps that is a "Pro" feature.