Select Tool Not Working

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2018-09-27 14:00:20

When I select a layer it selects it and it shows in the layer palette but the outline around the object or text in the layer is not showing. Any ideas. tried to select and deselect auto select but this doesnt solve the problem
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2018-09-27 21:14:04

Hi Ali.

I saw this earlier and didn't answer because I wasn't quite sure what you meant. Since no-one has wandered by in the last couple of hours I'll have a stab at it. Please bear with me if I miss the mark.

There are two types of 'selection':
* If you click on a layer in the Layers palette you have selected a layer. Let's call that the 'chosen' layer instead of the 'selected' one. It'll make things easier. Dragging in the canvas with the Move tool will move the whole layer around.
* But, you can also select part of a layer. If you use a selection tool like the Marquee tool and drag in the canvas you have selected an area within the already 'chosen' layer. If you now switch to the move tool and drag the selected bit around you will only move the selected area of the chosen layer.

The second of these shows a moving outline, often called 'marching ants'. The first does not.

Does that help at all or have I missed the mark?

- Stef.