I can not insert text (water signature)

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2018-06-11 13:14:07

Good afternoon,
About a year ago I bought the Pixelmator application for MacBook Pro
And since a few days ago I can not insert text (water signature) in my photographs, as I have been doing so far.
I beg instructions to fix this defect

Best regards,

Javier Olivares Sebastiá
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2018-06-11 20:07:21

Hi Javier. Can you describe the steps you normally would do? Aren't you able to use the type/text tool at all?
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2018-06-12 04:55:06

thank you for your attention Sebastiaan

No, I can not use the Pixelmator text tool
In my image process, I edited with the usual edition tools of Pixelmator for Mac, then "clicked" on the text T and a new layer appeared.
I directed my pointer to the place where I placed my water signature (© Javier) and finalized the edition keeping the project
Now when I click T and I'm going to write it changes to the "arrow" icon and it does not allow me to write

I hope to solve this problem with the help of the community
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2018-06-13 16:40:30

Hi Javier.

I'm don't work for Pixelmator: I'm just a keen member of the user community out here . If something's beyond me (or if I make a mistake) I tend to rely on Sebastiaan and Andrius as they work for Pixelmator and know more than me.

First, check that you're on the latest version of Pixelmator and macOS. Pixelmator latest is 3.7, macOS is 10.13.5.

Next, let's try to get the problem down to its simplest state. Start with Pixelmator closed.
1. Open Pixelmator.
2. Create a new image, say 500×500px.
3. Select on the text tool and click on the canvas.

What happens?
Do you get a text layer in the layers panel?
Is text visible on the canvas?
Is the text there but invisible? (shown in the layers panel but not in the image).
Post a screenshot if you get something weird.

I'll check back periodically. (Or Sebastiaan or Andrius will).

- Stef.