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2018-06-04 11:00:15

I'm retired now, after spending most of my life in the printing industry.
A GRIZZLE: Pixelmator's type sizes are stark staring mad:
I have to ask for size 36pt in order to get a typesize close to 10pt! If I set in text in 10pt, the resultant typesetting is practically INVISIBLE!
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2018-06-04 11:52:56

Hi Colin.

I'm just a chatty user who spends way too much time in the forums. What follows may not stop the grizzle as it may be considered blasphemy for someone who's worked mostly in print. Brace yourself.

Pixelmator is pixel-based app and is sizing text in pixels, not points. Let that sink in. Now breathe.

At a default resolution of 72 pixels per inch, points=pixels and the resultant 10pt/10px text is really pixelated. That's expected: you'd never output to print at 72ppi.

Try creating a new image but change the pixel density to 300ppi. Pixelmator will still want its text size in pixels so you'll have to do a little maths when choosing font size. Remember what I said about the grizzle? You now have a pixel/point multiplier of 300/72. So 72pt text will be 300px, 12pt text will be 300×12/72 = 50px and 10pt text is a less convenient 300×10/72 = 41.666... px. Let's say 42. You weren't far off with your guess of 36.

You can set the ppi of an image when you create it, or change by the menu Image > Image Size (change the resolution and leave the image size alone). You can view the rulers with a View > Show Rulers or ⌘R. Right click on a ruler to change it between physical dimensions and pixels.

Hope this helps and that the grizzle isn't too bad.

- Stef.