Image in layer thumbnail but not in canvas

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2018-06-02 16:25:22

I can create a layer with an image but it will not display in the canvas. I can even see the image in the layer thumbnail if I use a brush in the canvas to draw a line or us the position tool to move the image . . . but the canvas remains blank just showing the transparency indicator grid.

This is an older version 1.6.8

I saw a thread that suggested clicking on the gear icon and selecting "auto select" but I can't even find the gear icon anywhere on the screen and the screen shot example shown in the thread of the gear icon and other elements shown in the top bar of the canvas window does not match the version that I have at this time.

I did ask in another post if my version can be upgraded to whatever is the current version of Pixelmator.

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2018-06-02 17:11:48

Hi William.

As far as I remember 1.x.x versions of Pixelmator were sold direct by Pixelmator and 2.x onwards were sold in the Mac App store. Other than a discounted rate that was available at time of 2.0 launch in 2011 (yeah, I checked my emails ), I'm not aware of any upgrade path from 1.x.x to 2.x/3.x. The current version of Pixelmator is 3.7.

The guys at Pixelmator are pretty good at responding to posts in this forum but, to ensure a reply, I'd recommend dropping an email to to see what your options are and to get help with the problem you are experiencing. I'm just a user but I'm happy to help people to troubleshoot problems when I can. Unfortunately, I can't help on any problems with Pixelmator 1.6.8 as I only have Pixelmator 3.7 and Pixelmator Pro 1.1 and won't be able to replicate what you are seeing.

All the best.

- Stef.