newbie question: how to color a line

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2018-03-31 09:42:49

I'm obviously a newbie with this question. But I don't get how to color a simple line. I created a straight line using the Custom Shapes Tools and even one with the Pen tool (holding down shift, to make it horizontal) but whatever I tried or googled around, the line stays black. This can't be so hard, right? Please save me here
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2018-03-31 09:59:49

I'll see what I can do.

Before you start drawing the line you can select the colour and width of the stroke in the Tool Options bar above the image. If it's not showing, you can show it by using the menu View > Show Tool Options (or ⌥⌘T to show/hide). You can also use this to set the stroke of a selected line after you have drawn it.

Additionally, you can also set the stroke in the Styles palette View > Show Styles (or ⌘7 to show/hide).

I hope this helps.
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2018-03-31 13:06:32

I don't know why I didn't came up with this, but thank you! Now it works
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2018-03-31 18:19:03

You're welcome. Enjoy.